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How do guests feel about our tours?  We always love feedback.

Multiple Tours

"I am a satisfied repeat client of M&M Photo Tours, Inc.  Over the last 30 years, I have taken over 75 tours to places around the world - Alaska, South America, Africa, & the U.S.A. I have experienced many different types of organizations, guides, & leaders and have noted that many have had itineraries and/or prices changed from what was advertised and expected. It is very important to me and my wife to know the what's, where's, & costs of trip before signing up. I have been on 4 photo tours with M&M led by Mike Gulbraa over the last 7 years (two to Indochina & two to Tanzania) and will be going on future tours with him because his business expertise​ and his all-inclusive trips​.   Mike G does extensive research into places that are interesting to photograph and has chosen some the best ones for his small group tours. All in-country guides​ have been vetted and are experts in their field. The accommodations are a mixed selection of in-country selections ​with Western standards and meals range from local to Americanized ​offerings.  Mike, although an expert with Canon camera equipment, is willing to share his knowledge with camera usage and ideas with his quests. A photo pro will usually be on the tour as well to help one get the ideal images.  Over the many trips, I have learned that things don’t always go the way they were planned. This has been true on the M&M Tours. However, Mike & his guides always have interesting optional plans available. Flexibility is the key."

Hal C.  NJ, USA


Croatia & Slovenia 


“The recent photo tour (June 2015, Croatia and Slovenia) was fantastic.  Mike Gulbraa, with M&M Photo Tours, Inc. was the best and most gracious host that one can hope to have.  The accommodations were excellent and they reflected the culture and warmth of Croatia and Slovenia.  Getting “the” shot was easy with the best local guide Luka Esenko working with us.   Whatever questions we had – about the country, the history, the people and culture, were answered graciously – whether or not it was photography related.   And having the enormous knowledge of guest pro Deborah Sandidge available was simply fantastic and the very best part was making new friends in a like-minded group in two beautiful countries.  Thank you for a memorable experience.”

Stan F.  CA, USA


China’s Best Treasures Photo Tour


“China’s Best Treasures trip was amazing!  There was so much to photograph I wasn’t sure where to start but M&M and the guest pro, Ron Wyatt, were understanding, patient and always there to help with suggestions, feedback and encouragement.  The food and hotels were amazing.  I never thought I could eat so well in China but there was plenty even for me a vegetarian!  The cultural highlights and shows were a good surprise.  They helped me understand China better.  M&M always knew where we were and kept a close eye on us.  The guides were great and along with M&M made sure I didn’t get lost no matter how adventurous I was.  They even gave me a walkie talkie to stay in touch as we wandered the street and sights of China.  They were not even upset when I dropped it in the Li River!  I was so thrilled with my China images that I spent 2 months learning how to make a slideshow of the images coupled with music in Aperture.  I highly recommend M&M for anyone thinking about taking a photo tour!  I will travel with them again.”

Anita S.  NY, USA


“The recent tour/workshop (Sept 2010, China) was a wonderful experience.  M&M was most gracious and accommodating in all facet of the trip.  The hotels were first rate, as well as the instruction from M&M and our traveling Pro (Mr. Ron Wyatt).  Whatever questions I had they happily answered, whether it had to do with photography or not.  That was very much appreciated.  I also appreciated Mike M. taking the time to give me a little personal time in learning a little bit about processing in photoshop.  Thanks for a great trip M&M and thanks for the new friends I made along the way.”

Dave W.  CA, USA 


“I went on my first tour with M&M in 2010 and had the time of my life. My normal mode of travel does not involve a group, but being with like minded people is a plus. The tours are small and packed with photo ops. We were constantly on the move and everything we saw was worth it. I took the tour to see three things, but I got so much more. I saw and photographed so many wonderful things. M&M and the guest Photographer were available and willing to help with any of our photographic needs but were not pushy. They were there to help you make the best memories of the trip. They were even fun to be with on a tour.”

Carol C.  NY, USA


“I have been traveling on photography workshops since 2003 and China’s Best Treasures is the best trip I have ever taken.”      

Bob E.  PA, USA


"Hi! My name is Jim K. from New York. In 2013, I traveled with M&M tours to China. It was, without a doubt, the best photographic trip that I have ever been on.  As an amateur photographer, I am always looking for the shot.  M&M provided not only the perfect opportunity to take it but also has the pro standing by if you have questions as to the best way to accomplish that shot..  There were professionally trained tour guides as well.  They spoke perfect English and were very equipped to handle any situation.  Organization is key on this sort of a trip and they (M&M) have mastered it.  Each day was planned but there were opportunities to change things, if the need arose. The food was amazing and I could eat like that for ever. M&M travels to many areas of the globe and I look forward to another trip with them in the future. If you have any questions, ask.  They keep in communication with you before, during and after the trip.  Don't just take a trip, experience it."  Jim K.  New York, USA


Laos, Vietnam & Cambodia Photo Tour


"Our photo tour to Southeast Asia (Laos, Vietnam, & Cambodia) was totally outstanding. Our only criticism would be the relatively predictable food, I’m sure because M&M was trying to keep us healthy; but, I should note, this wasn’t billed as a gourmet tour. The photo opportunities were wonderful and we came back with images and experiences we’ll never forget. We have both been on photo tours where we just didn’t feel comfortable with the tour leaders. Mike G. is a jewel, very considerate of his clients, and our arrangements/accommodations/guides were exceptionally good. We will definitely travel with M&M again and have recommended them highly to our photographic friends." Richard & Donna,  NV, USA 


“Simply Fantastic!”  –Neil D. Manchester, UK


"I am happy to say M&M Photo Tours was my choice for two unforgettable photo workshop experiences to Asia, a destination that I can return to many times over. Going with M&M Photo Tours gives me a balance between a group tour and being off on my own. Learning from the wisdom of the guest pro and travel veteran Mike Gulbraa makes it easier to "hit the ground running" when arriving at a new destination. We are all pulled in different directions when our cameras come out but we all come back together again like a rubber band. I appreciate getting us out to predawn sunrise shoots and not dining when the sun is setting. Impromptu stops to photograph something interesting along the way are also the norm here. Their travel operator provides superb hotel choices, excellent photography oriented local guides and the culinary experiences is a mini-tour unto itself. M&M Photo Tours also has many industry sponsors with products to try out and the raffles are fun when everyone gets to win something." Jook L.  NJ, USA 


"Our association with M&M Photo Tours began when my husband and I (both established long time photographers and experienced travelers) signed up for the Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia trip. We had seen Ron Wyatt speak a few times and found him to be, not only a sweetheart, but a fine photographer and thought this might be a great travel opportunity.   Needless to say, we were NOT disappointed!! Having traveled all over Europe ourselves, we were familiar with the ins and outs of these trips, but never having been to Asia, we were more apprehensive about safety, the nuances of different cultures and exactly how we would maneuver around, etc.  From the moment we landed until the moment we were back on US soil, I felt safe, protected and knew I could relax, enjoy the trip, concentrate on making some fabulous images and everything would be taken care of!  I can NOT express how important that was to us!  Mike G. continued to wow us with fantastic, out of the way spots for shooting where we barely ever saw another tourist.  We enjoyed every aspect of our trip, from the small/intimate group size to the fabulous authentic food to the wonderful/unique lodging to ALL the amazing photo experiences...these are things we will never forget!  If you are in ANY way on the fence about taking an M&M Photo not hesitate...GO NOW!!  You will not regret it!  As a matter of fact, we will be be joining them again in January 2015 for their Tanzania, Africa Safari!  Already excited!"

Anastasia T. & Harvey A.  New York, USA


Japan Photo Tour


“I really enjoyed the trip - cherry blossoms in Japan are not to be missed and I had so many wonderful opportunities to photograph them. Mike certainly gave me things to think about on improving my photography.”

Lisa W.  New Jersey, USA


Tuscany Photo Tour


"Just want to send a big Texas Thank You to Mike Gulbraa and M&M Photo Tours for a great time in Italy over the last three weeks (May 2015). In our tour, we started with the M&M Tuscany tour and added on Cinque Terra region on the front and Sorrento/Amalfi Coast on the back end for about a 21 day outing. So this gave us Cinque Terra, Tuscany, Rome, Sorrento, Capri, Amalfi Coast and Pompeii.

Weather was very good and cool… usually in the mid to high 60’s, which was perfect for all the getting around we were up to the entire tour. Got many great images which we are still sorting through.  The thing about traveling with Mike and M&M, is not only do have all of Mikes’ knowledge of the region, but he put’s that knowledge to work for you with great locations, and really nice additional ground support in the form of additional knowledgeable and personable local guides and drivers. And the Tuscany villa is wonderful. Set on top of probably about 25 acres on a hill with a 270 degree view of beautiful Tuscany valleys, and the villa’s hosts, Mirella & Stefano were wonderful. As were our guides in Tuscany and Amalfi Coast. And if it was at the villa or in the evenings in the towns, you are going to eat well in Italy and from what we hear on all M&M trips! We had many great experiences throughout our entire exploration of Italy.  But the main thing is we want to express our great thanks to M&M for such a wonderful trip! Will certainly plan another with M&M in the future. Thanks Mike!"

Don & Edie R.  Texas, USA

"I definitely came away a better photographer. I loved the trip, mostly because I loved Tuscany. As I've told friends, I could happily live there forever. Dinners at the villa were beyond wonderful, if I could kidnap Mirelle (our private chef) and bring her home with me, I'd be a happy camper. Andrea and Sarah (our drivers and local guides) were lovely. I'd love to travel with you again one day. My knowledge of photography grew exponentially in the time I was with you. Thank you so much for everything you did to make the trip enjoyable."

Marcy N.  PA, USA


"In 2014 I ventured out with M&M Photo Tours to Italy, a trip of a life time!  Mike G's knowledge of all of Italy, restaurants, hotels, rail system and all the best places to photograph - and not just the tourist hot spots - was amazing.  As we walked around Rome it brought us back in time with the Roman Empire.  Mike navigated the streets like it was his backyard and took us to the best eating spots off the beaten path.  I look forward to our next excursion together.  I highly recommend M&M Photo Tours - 5 stars First Class!"

Gary D., Massachusetts, USA


Tanzania Photo Tour


"My husband and I went to Tanzania in Sept/Oct 2021 with M&M Photo Tours.  It was a spectacular trip!!  Every detail was taken care of for us.  The transportation, the lodging, the meals, the hot air balloon ride and the safari's.  We literally just had to show up.  And the safari's were spectacular.  We saw so many animals.  It far exceeded my expectations.  Would go with M&M again!"

Cory & Lisa T., Utah, USA

"Karen and I just finished our second photo tour with M&M Photo Tours.  Actually, it was our second and third, since we combined the Tanzania Great Migration and the Botswana trips (and were lucky enough to spend the week between tours with Mike G. in Kenya).  This was in addition to our Tour of Italy trip in 2019.  Mike had promised that the Africa trips would be "epic."  He was right.  We had some high expectations for this, and our experience more than doubled our expectations.  "Epic" just does not describe this experience adequately. This was in large part due to the incredible effort Mike put into planning and executing the logistics of the trip.  For almost a month, we felt securely taken care of in a very foreign environment by Mike.  All the best accommodations, food, game guides, vehicles, transportation, and more.  And, when things went a bit awry (as they almost always do), Mike handled them seamlessly and confidently.  We never had to worry about anything other than enjoying the splendor of Africa to the fullest.  And, from a photography perspective, the fact that we were privileged to have world-class photographer Jeff Cable along to teach, guide, and critique our photography was simply amazing.
We cannot recommend Mike Gulbraa and M&M Photo Tours highly enough.  If you are considering a photography adventure, Mike is the best!  We are looking forward to our next trip with him."
Glen and Karen Z.. Florida, USA

"Mike G:
I’m writing to tell you how very pleased I am with our recent photo tour of Tanzania.  M&M Photo Tours, Inc provided an amazing experience far surpassing my wildest expectations. Not only did you deliver all the promised itinerary but you even managed to surpass that with tons of extra value.  And, you and M&M Photo Tours, Inc. did this at probably the most difficult time in history to organize an international travel event.  Every detail was planned and executed with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail.  As a professional photographer I found the amazing variety of wildlife to allow for some really great photo opportunities.  As a traveler and tourist, the experience will be right up there at the top of my travel experiences.  Once again, Mike, thank you for arranging this tour and allowing me the opportunity to take part."

Bob L., New Jersey USA

"Mike G,

Thank you again for the wonderful photo tour through Tanzania!!  I am so glad I decided to go and experience Tanzania!  My trip to Tanzania in 2021 was my first trip with M&M Photo Tours and Mike Gulbraa.  This trip was breath taking and worth every penny!  The experiences of the wildlife and culture of Tanzania are second to none.  Mike Gulbraa and the M&M Photo Tours team provided the best accommodations, guides and hospitality that anyone can ever expect.  I have experienced health issues throughout my life and during this trip had no concerns and felt the best I have felt in many years.  I recommend M&M Photo Tours for any of your future trips across the world.  I really can't put into words the gratitude I have for this opportunity nor the words to fully describe the wonderful experience I had.  I look forward to future trips and experiences with you and M&M."

Spencer L., Utah USA

“Dear Mike

Now that we are all back home and have had time to reflect, I want to thank you for making this truly a truly memorable trip. 

I don’t know what other trips are like, but Heidi and I are both so happy we chose M&M Photo Tours. We feel that every part of the trip was well organized, on pace and you created a spirit of camaraderie amongst the whole group including the drivers which made everything so much fun.   Whether it was seeing a herd of Elephants, being stuck in the mud, or watching a Cheetah on the hunt each moment was special.  As for the photography, we have hundreds of keepers.   Having Jeff Cable as the guest pro made the experience even stronger.   Showing pictures to family and friends at home brings the whole adventure back.   Amazing what 14 days in Africa can bring.


and now a few words from Ms. Heidi.

I agree with all of Fritz’s comments, but I would like to add a few thoughts of my own.

From my perspective, one of the most wonderful parts of the safari photo tour that you designed was that it was not just for expert photographers.  My primary objective for our safari trip was to have the opportunity to see and experience wildlife up close in their natural environment.  For me, getting the perfect shot was a secondary consideration, at best.  The magic in your tour was that you not only delivered exciting wildlife viewing opportunities, you also encouraged novices like myself to use the camera as a means to enrich the safari experience.  Without yours and Jeff’s guidance, I might have missed out on seeking out and taking shots that will always connect me to Tanzania.  In addition to delivering exciting game drives and animal encounters, M&M Photo Tours paid meticulous attention to planning details that provided breaks from touring in the land cruisers and allowed guests to feel nourished, safe and comfortable, as well as establish a sense of comradery with one another.  While I will always cherish my memories of enjoying a box lunch while gazing out on a herd of Wildebeests, being escorted to my room by a Maasai warrior, listening to the game ranger explain rhino conservation measures, and gazing upon a mama cheetah and her cub, perhaps some of my fondest memories will be of the conversations shared on route to find our next animal and around the dinner table post game drive.  Thank you, Mike, for sharing your excellent organizational skills, your stories, your humor, and your photographic talents.   M&M Photo Tours exceeded all of our expectations!  In summary, it was a trip of a lifetime for Heidi and I.  You didn’t ask one question on the survey, so I will ask it for you:

Would you recommend M&M Photo Tours to your friends?  The answer is absolutely.  

Thank you so much for making it an awesome time.

See you down the road."

Fritz  and Heidi vB, PA, USA


"I’ve been on several M&M photo tours in the past. But, the February Tanzania tour of 2019 had to be the best. The reason was that my daughter was in attendance. She hasn’t stopped talking about the experience and the other attendees, how they made her feel welcomed. We were both impressed with the accommodations and service at all of the locations, and the dining experience was beyond belief.  This was my second time traveling to Tanzania with M&M and I’d go back for a third. So, if you looking for adventure and amazing photographic opportunities contact M&M Photo Tours. Mike Gulbraa will make sure that you’ll have a great time. My daughter and I are planning to make the trip to India in 2020 with M&M."

Conrad T. NY, NY

"The January 2019 M&M Photo Tours, Inc., luxury Tanzania safari with Mike G. and guest photographer Jeff Cable was amazing!  It exceeded my expectations in every way.  We were very fortunate to have diverse, unique, and plentiful wildlife sightings - which I do attribute to location and excellent guides - but animals can be unpredictable.  Who is totally predictable?  Mike G.  He has extensive international travel experience and associations in Tanzania.  This tour was well planned with wonderful accommodations, interesting destinations and experiences, and knowledgeable guides with quality vehicles.  This framework allowed me to enjoy a safe, comfortable, relaxing adventurous safari for my first experience traveling with a tour - and beautiful photographs to remember it for a lifetime!"

Kathy H. OR, USA

 "I just returned from a fourteen-day safari to Tanzania with M & M Photo Tours.  What a trip!  I’ve been to Africa several times but this was the best safari by far.  During the safari, we visited the Tarangire National Park, N’dutu Conservation Area, Ngorongoro Crater, and the Serengeti National Park.  The wildlife and scenic photo opportunities our Driver/Guides we able to find for us were beyond belief.  The lodges and tented camps we visited were some of the best accommodation you can find on safari as was the food.  While visiting the Tarangire NP we had the opportunity to be surrounded by 200-300 Elephants that just kept coming out of the trees.  Many of them moved into the swap area and bathed and played.  What a sight!  During this time of year, the N’dutu area is home to and calving time for 10's of thousands of Wildebeest and our Driver/Guides knew exactly where to take us to see them all, well a great many of them anyway.  Photographing (watching) Lions mating and Griffin Vultures cleaning up kills that predators left everywhere were great fun.  It truly was a great couple of days.  Then onto the Crater - Ngorongoro Crater is a World Heritage Site boasting up to 35,000 head of wildlife on the 110 sq. mile crater floor.  Everywhere we went there was something new and exciting to photograph, from Lions next to your vehicle and Hyenas eating a Gazelle to African Swallow Tail Kites swooping in and stealing your lunch to Pink Flamingos covering the shallow lake bed. I have to say that the Serengeti NP is one of my favorite places I’ve ever been.  Lions, leopard, Cheetahs, Hippos, Nile Crocodiles, Topis, Impalas, Gazelles, Bat-eared Fox, and Serval Cats just to name a few critters we saw plus there are over 800 species of birds to see and photograph if you are interested.  Lions, Leopards, and Cheetahs appeared for us on the high rock outcroppings (kopjes) that littler the Serengeti plains.  If you think that a trip to Africa might be your thing I highly recommend you use M&M Photo Tours as your Safari company." 

Tom W. AZ, USA 

"I did not know exactly what to expect from M&M Photo Tours' Tanzania Luxury Photo Safari. I knew it would be wonderful, but it managed to surpass my wildest expectations. Every aspect of the trip was superb, from Mike & Monty (M&M), guest pro Jeff Cable, wonderful guides from M&M's local vendor, to the attentive camp hosts. The animals were awesome (I saw giraffes every day!) and the scenery spectacular. Each day was an adventure, and we never knew when an extra surprise was in store for us, from a Maasai blanket to singing around a campfire. In addition to game drives, we learned about rhino conservation, met local craftsmen and farmers, and visited a school and a Maasai village. I came away from the safari with not only fabulous images and improved photography skills, but new friends, an African name ("Mama Twiga"), a deeper appreciation of our wonderful world, and a serious case of wanderlust. Next up I hope to visit Scotland and Ireland with M&M and I would love to return to Tanzania for the Great Migration. Thank you, M&M Photo Tours, for a much-needed, life-changing experience."

Sara H. MO, USA

"Mike Gulbraa is a travel genius!!  We went on the luxury Tanzanian safari and the trip was beyond perfect in many ways.  Mike has carefully vetted his vendors, lodges, guides and itineraries over many years.  Our lodges, food, itinerary, travel companions, drivers and game drives were all truly wonderful.  I would repeat this trip in a heartbeat!!  Also, my husband is a photographer and I am not -- he loved all of his photo time and instruction and I loved simply relaxing and staring at the abundant and magnificent wildlife.  Mike G. is the best!!"

Elizabeth & Michael G. NY, NY

"I went on a trip to Tanzania with M&M Photo Tours in January 2015.  The trip was marvelous.  Mike Gulbraa, the leader, is a photographer who knows what people who want to learn photography need.  The two week trip was first class all the way.  For example, while the vehicles (Toyota Land Cruisers) had seats for 6 passengers, there were only 3 (plus a driver/guide) in each vehicle.  This meant there was plenty of room to move around to take pictures.  Mike had a guest professional photographer (Ron Wyatt) on the trip who was a great help in learning to take better photographs.  All-in-all, the trip was a wonderful experience.  I would do it again in a heartbeat."

Christopher M.  PA, USA


"Tanzania marks the sixth trip I’ve taken with M&M Photo Tours and this might lead one to believe that I believe in this particular tour group. My belief starts with the phrase that M&M believes in strongly…”You don’t just take a photograph, you experience it!”. This was especially true in Tanzania. I look for trips that will enhance my vision of the world as well as provide great photographic opportunities. I was able to get photographs of animals in unusual positions not normally seen by…to a lion on his back with an extra full stomach…to a cheetah eating on the catch of the day. The visit to the orphanage and the Maasai village helped provide an insight to the culture and character of Tanzania. The experience of the camps that provided the nightly shelter was a special treat. The staffs at all the camps were especially friendly and helpful. Our guide/drivers were a special treat and provide additional knowledge of both animals and culture. I think I will go on another M&M photo tour as there are a few on my list of places. This was all enhanced by a very compatible group of travelers… to Mike G., our fearless leader; to Jeff C., the guest pro; to the rest of us."

Carol C.  NYC, NY USA


"It's been a few weeks since we returned from our amazing trip to Tanzania with Mike and M&M Photo Tours, Inc.  I can honestly say that this trip of a lifetime totally exceeded my expectations.  When my husband suggested looking into M&M's photo safari to Africa, I was a bit skeptical since I am not a photographer.  But I can unequivocally say that I am SO glad that we chose to go that route.  We spent two amazing weeks seeing just about every animal that we hoped to see and we were able to take our time and observe their behaviors. Mike was a wonderful host and he always  consulted the group to determine what we wanted.  Our guest photographer, Jeff Cable, was a patient enthusiastic instructor who actually succeeded in getting me to pick up a camera, and I came home with more than 3500 pictures!  We are definitely planning another adventure with Mike and M&M Photo Tours. We loved the small group and attention to detail that Mike offers."

Mary S.  CA, USA


"My first ever trip with M&M Photo Tours was on a Tanzanian safari in 2016 and M&M packaged an incredible experience.  My new family of fellow photographer enthusiasts bonded on day 1. Mike G. is so well connected and plans the best experience from the second you arrive to the second you depart.  I can't wait to go on another trip!  I learned so much about photography, the culture, the geography...and the places we stayed were incredible.  I highly recommend M&M, even if you're not a photographer.  I'm still in touch with my safari friends including the wonderful drivers and guides.  Outstanding!"

Tina C.  CA, USA


"​My trip to Tanzania with M&M Photo Tours was the first time I've ever been a part of a tour group.  I knew I didn't want to plan my own trip to Africa and wanted someone with a sound knowledge of both travel and Africa to be my guide.  I found that person in Mike Gulbraa.  He gave us all a lot of good information prior to the trip and was quick to answer all my questions.  That was important to me as there is a lot to think about when going on a two week photo safari.  From the flights, to the places we stayed, the different locations we went to, learning about the culture, every detail was carefully planned.  Although this was a photography trip, with Jeff Cable as our awesome guest pro photographer, it was SO much more than just a photography trip.  The 10 of us  (including Mike & Jeff) quickly became friends, always sharing our favorite moment of the day at dinner each night.  We had three vehicles and 3 amazing driver/guides who not only were our drivers, but were a treasure trove of knowledge and quickly became our friends as well.  Every day was different, but we saw so many animals and birds that as time went on we joked that we only had to mention what we wanted to see, and we would SEE it.  Jeff also made sure that I was learning, getting great shots and having FUN!  When I booked this trip I thought it would be a once in a lifetime trip but having had such a wonderful experience, I would love to travel with Mike and Jeff again."

Sara C.  PA, USA


"My wife and I went on the M&M Photo Tours Safari to Tanzania, in Jan. 2017.  Like many others we had long wanted to go to Africa.  As an avid photographer, I did not want to go on a regular tour and return home with more missed than captured images.  My wife, a non-photographer, just wanted the experience of being on safari in Africa   and therefore approached the trip with a more frugal attitude.  Hence we had discussion over spending the extra money to go on an M&M tour.  Right from the first day it was evident that M&M Photo Tours was a cut above.  First, Mike Gulbraa is pleasant, calm and highly organized.  The lodges were selected thoughtfully both in terms of their proximity to the parks and the standard of their accommodations. The comfort level, service and food were all very good.  Most of all, being lulled to sleep with the sounds of Africa all around you was an unforgettable experience.  Mikes’ choice of staff was superb.  Jeff Cable was an excellent photo pro with an affable demeanor and broad fund of knowledge.  The driver/guides were   knowledgeable about the wildlife and helped us better appreciate the behaviors of specific animals.  Most importantly they were all friendly and personable.  Getting to know each of them and learn about their culture enhanced the total experience immensely.  Then there were the photographic aspects of the trip. Where and when to look for wildlife and specific animals was discussed daily between Mike and guides. With a little luck, they always seemed to find ways to get us to the right place at the right time.  Everyone got great shots.  My wife was not the only non-photographer spouse.  With Jeff’s’ easy encouragement, by the end of the trip, everyone was taking shots and having fun doing so.  Not only did we photograph wildlife but there were quality opportunities to interact and photograph people in different settings.  I thought this provided a very nice balance to the trip as a whole.  While Mike is the man in charge, he is soft-spoken, easy going and responds to requests and needs of the participants.  What I found personally appealing was that every detail was taken care of.  That made it easier to just relax, go with the flow of the safari, relish taking photographs and sharing these experiences with our fellow travellers.  The congenial group made for lots of enjoyable moments with shared good humor.  With all of memorable aspects of the trip, I feel that M&M Photo Tours more than lived up to their motto “You don’t just take a photograph, you experience it!”  It was a pleasure from start to finish, worth every penny and would highly recommend them."

Dennis T.  NY, NY USA

The Tanzania Migration photo tour, 2019, was my first ever photo tour.  Until this trip, I never saw myself as a photographer.  The migration along with curiosity about photography was the impetus for my choosing this trip.  I agreed to have the recommended Canon ‘loaner' equipment sent to me.  When it arrived, I lifted it up and realized right away that it was too heavy for me.  I sent it back and took my faithful Canon SX50 point and shoot camera instead.  I was the only person on the tour with a point and shoot camera and, after seeing the photos that the others got, I am determined to graduate to a higher level of equipment next time.  Mike Gulbraa, owner of M&M Photo Tours, and Jeff Cable, the photo pro, were great about it.  They helped me understand the manual controls and continued to teach me throughout the tour.  They also talked to me about other equipment that would be more suitable for me.  All of the details of this tour were perfect.  Mike took great care of everything.  The camps were terrific and the animal sightings, especially the 4 migration crossings, were beyond words.  Each time I look at my pictures, I relive the wonderful time I had.  I definitely plan to go on future photo tours with M&M Photo Tours, including the 2021 migration tour.

Linda Z. CA USA

I’ve often read that great photography occurs when preparedness meets opportunity.  Having great equipment and knowing how to use it is one thing.  Getting to great photographic locations is quite another.  M&M specializes in getting photographers to those special, world renowned locations.  Mike Gulbraa has traveled the world and as a pro photographer himself, knows where to go and when to be there.

Our recent Tanzania Great Migration safari was another one of those amazing trips full of adventures, animals, great food, and awesome resort stays.  Would I go again on any trip Mike offers?  Absolutely - in a second!  If you love photography and capturing great images, give M&M a try!

Alan C. CA USA

In the past 3 years I have traveled twice with M&M Photo Tours.  Both times to Tanzania but at different times of the year (January in 2016, August in 2019).  The first time I went solo, the second time I was with family.  Each of the trips were incredible.  I have to say going with family was extra special because of the shared experience.  Mike Gulbraa puts together an excellent program, having researched the camps, the crew (which is VERY key) and the time of year.  The pro photographer Mike brings provides exceptional learning opportunities.  What makes these trips so memorable and fantastic are the other guests who become fast friends.  We are with each other for 12+ hours  a day.  Our group was always the ones laughing out loud and sharing what we saw each day at breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Not to say it's not fun going as a family or as a couple.  But I have to say Mike helps unify our group to create a strong camaraderie making this a warm, hilarious and memorable experience.  I've become friends with the guides, still in touch with them through texting and social media.  We can't wait to go again; the only question is where?

Case Family, CA USA


Even though I had been on other safaris, this was my first experience on a safari that was organized specifically for photographers and what a difference it makes! Everything is set up to put you, the photographer, in the best position to capture amazing wildlife photos, then it's up to you to click the shutter. This starts with the drivers/guides, who are extremely knowledgeable about the environment and wildlife of Tanzania: they can tell you the name of every single little bird you see. They are extremely good at spotting animals: they can see a lion, half-hidden under a bush, from a mile away. They are photographers themselves, so they can always give good tips about wildlife photography and engage in conversation with photographers. Most of all, they are so much fun to be with. Just being with those guys was worth the price of the trip, for me.

The organization, including transportation, was spotless. The tented camps and lodges we stayed at were just great. Hearing animals at night outside your tent is also a big part of the experience, especially when you don't have to sacrifice comfort for that. Aside from tips, pretty much everything else is included, which is a big bonus.

Finally, when attending a Great Migration photo safari, you are literally in front of the greatest show on earth. I had seen lions, elephants, rhinos and plenty of other animals in previous trips, but the spectacle of millions of wildebeest and zebras migrating across the Serengeti plains and crossing the Mara River is something to behold, once in a lifetime or possibly more.

Ugo C. Italy

Scotland Photo Tour


"Gotta say that our local driver/guide Chris added a great deal to our trip!  He was a wonderful driver and was very tuned into what the group wanted to do at any minute!  He was excellent.

I really liked our hotels.  M&M did a good job of choosing where we would stay. And meals were above average as well!

Since we were doing photography rather than history I would give all our guides an excellent rating.  Both Mike and Neil gave the perfect amount of help with photography for me.  Sometimes, I really wanted to bump up my photography skills and sometimes I was content to do my usual snapshots.  Both of them (Neil & Mike) were good to give advice when needed.

The photography locations were amazing!  Loved Skye!  And I didn’t even realize how wonderful one of the photos was when we stopped on the side of the road until I viewed it!

I particularly liked the day that we hiked on Isle of Kerrara.  Lunch was really fun in the small tea room near the castle.  And the castle was fun as well.  Perhaps both were more sensational because of the hike.

The group did a good job of deciding as a group the pace of the tour.  I loved Neil.  And the whiskey tasting we enjoyed was lots of fun!  I learned a lot from you!  And Mike, I think you did a wonderful job of putting the whole tour together!  You are absolutely a rock!

I give M&M Excellent marks."

Marsha M. West Virginia, USA

Botswana Photo Tour


"My adventure with Mike G from MM Photo Tours & guest pro Jeff Cable (Botswana 2018) was much more fun than I could have ever expected.  I had seen Jeff’s enthusiasm and experience on his blogs and B & H videos over the last several years, but they do not compare to Jeff Cable in person.  Jeff was always giving good instruction and finding new things to photograph.   He was friendly, enthusiastic, full of knowledge, and always willing to help us.

Mike had a good well organized tour that took care of details from beginning to end.  Food, travel and accommodations were all excellent.

From before sunrise till after sunset we laughed, learned new techniques, took great photos, and had memorable experiences shooting the animals of Africa.  I brought back home many wonderful shots and memories that I will always cherish.    

Having traveled the world on business, I thought this would be my first and only photographic safari and my last trip to Africa.  I enjoyed myself so much with M&M that I am planning on another trip to Africa in 2019 and India in 2020.  I may even go to Antarctica to hit my seventh and last continent."

Pat B.  Georgia, USA

Big Cat African Safari

'I went with M&M Photo Tours on their Big Cat Africa safari and I was blown away.  The photographic content was outstanding!  The camp, staff, guides, and landscapes were beyond wonderful.  Mike Gulbraa and the local staff had us in excellent position every time to capture excellent images of lions and leopards as well as many other safari willdlife.  I was there for the 2 big cats - lions & leoparrds but after the first day I was blown away by the variety of wildlife there was to photograph.  We even got 3 kills which left me speechless and were simply amazing.  I will travel with M&M again soon as everything about Mike Gulbraa and this trip were amazing.'  Robert J. Texas, USA

"In July 2018 I headed out with M&M Photo Tours on another dream adventure.  This time to South Africa on Safari.  Mike Gulbraa plans amazing trips!  First class accommodations with a private villa at the camp and excellent meals.  We were guided thru the African bush, navigating around Leopards, Elephants, Zebras, Buffalo, and Prides of Lions.  The photography opportunities were spectacular!  Our guides were exceptional.  If anyone is hesitant about going on Safari, don't be.  It was the most amazing, cool, and rewarding experience I’ve ever had!  And I can’t wait to travel with M&M Photo Tours and Mike Gulbraa to see the Great Migration in Tanzania. Thank you Mike for to date my greatest adventure!"  Gary D. Massachusetts, USA


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