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Photo Tour vs. Photo Workshop
We lead photo tours not photo workshops.  There is a significant difference.  We will place you in the right place at the right time and give you time to explore and maximize your photography and we'll be available to offer suggestions, tips, ideas, and other help as needed.  On many trips we also have guest pros that will add to the available instruction.  We will also provide thoughts about composition, lighting use, camera settings, lens choices, post-processing, and much more.  A workshop is usually more hands-on with specific lessons such as flash, macro, candids, or other areas of focus.  A photo tour will give you more in-field shooting time with on-the-spot suggestions and teaching while a workshop will give you more classtime - usually on just a few topics to concentrate on.  If you'd like to contact us with questions, please just give us a call or drop us a note via E-mail.  We are here to help you prepare and enjoy an awesome photo tour.

What level photographer do I need to be to join a photo tour?
We invite anyone with an interest in photography to join us – from new photographers to professionals.  Our photo tours are designed for you to learn one-on-one from our instructors and guest pros. All of us have different cameras, skills, likes, tendencies, and knowledge.  With the extensive camera time on our tours, you will improve quickly regardless of your level. Our staff and often a guest pro are by your side to guide and teach you as you need help.   We are familiar with a variety of camera systems and keep up to date with the latest technologies.


How do I book an M&M photo tour?
Visit the M&M web site ( and select the photo tour of your choice.  You will be directed to a simple set of instructions and downloadable links.  Follow the instructions and you are almost signed-up for the photo tour of your choice.  Scan and E-mail or send via snail-mail your completed documents along with a 25% deposit of the total amount of the photo tour cost to secure your spot on the photo tour. After this is completed, M&M will contact you to confirm your booking and provide additional helpful information about the tour you have selected.  Deposits can be paid via Visa, MasterCard, or check. M&M prefers checks.  There is a 3.25% fee to use Visa/MasterCard credit/debit cards.  Additional and/or final installments must be paid with either a check or card.  It is also possible to pay the full amount with Visa or MasterCard if you prefer – with the 3.25% fee.  We will also accept American Express but the fee to do so is 4.5%.

Are non-photographer spouses/significant others/friends welcome?
Yes!  We always welcome spouses, significant others, and friends.  Our photo tours are great for couples whether or not they both participate in the photography or not.  On several of our photo tours we can arrange additional activities and outings to make the trip more enjoyable for our non-photographer friends.


How many guests are on a photo tour?
Group sizes range from 2 – 12 depending on location.  We keep group sizes appropriate for what we are photographing. We make sure each guest has plenty of “personal space” on our photo tours.


What is the average age of guests?
The usual age of our guests is between 55 to 75 years old.  We do not allow children under 18 on our tours without a parent or guardian with them.  If you have any disabilities, please let us know in advance and we will let you know if we can adjust the photo tour to accommodate your needs.

Are there any fitness or mobility requirements?
Yes.  Many photo tours involve lots of walking, standing, and waiting.  You must be able and comfortable carrying your photo gear and supplies on all surfaces.  Each M&M photo tour clearly indicates the tours level of activity from Easy to Strenuous.  If you have any fitness or health concerns, please feel free to contact us to discuss whether you’ll be comfortable participating in a particular trip.  We may require a medical release from your physician for certain medical conditions.

Are meals included in the photo tours?
On nearly all international photo tours all meals are included.  Be sure to check your desired photo tours Inclusions/Exclusions info on the tours page on the M&M web site.  For most trips we also include complimentary drinks.

Should I need to bring a computer?  What sort of software should it have?
Yes. Unless you will be using film cameras exclusively during the photo tour you will need a laptop with the photo editing software of your preference.  We recommend Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom, but bring what you normally use and are comfortable with – that usually does the trick.  Make sure you've updated your software program before any photo tour, so you have the latest version.  Make sure you bring your charger with wall plug and a card reader appropriate for the type of memory cards used by your camera.  USB flash drives and/or external portable hard drives are a must as well.  We always send out a “recommended” equipment list before each photo tour but feel free to contact us with any questions.

What lodging accommodations do you provide on the photo tours?
It depends on the photo tour location.  We strive to offer mid-to-high end accommodations when available. This is your photography tour vacation, and we’d like you to enjoy your downtime and our lodging often has a “wow” factor - usually at the beginning and end of a tour.  We often stay at boutique hotels.  Some locations don’t have the quality of facilities we prefer but we make up for it with great photographic opportunities and instruction.  We are always clear about what to expect and give details, images, and/or links to our planned accommodations.  We select our lodging through years of travel experience, recommendations, trip advisories, and by scouting locations before a photo tour.  We want you to be comfortable and safe during the photo tour.

Can you plan a private, customized experience for me or a group of my friends?
Yes!  We have years of experience organizing custom photo tours for families and individuals.  We can design a custom photo tour for virtually anywhere on planet earth. Please contact us to discuss details.

Code of Conduct for guests on tour.

All guests are expected to behave on every photo tour.  Any guest found to be culturally insensitive, rude to others, including locals, M&M staff, vendors, or which/who causes disturbance, annoyance, or continued inconvenience to the photo tour and/or other persons/clients/guests, M&M may send the offending person(s) home, at M&M's sole discretion with no refund – prorated or otherwise.  M&M may also simply ban the offending person(s) from further participating with the photo tour group.  Govern yourself accordingly.

Photography, video, & use of guest images.

M&M Photo Tours, Inc., (hereinafter M&M) the photo tour operator reserves the right to take photographs and/or video during the time of any M&M photo tour and may use the images/video for any commercial or promotional purpose at the sole discretion of M&M.  By signing up for any M&M photo tour each participant agrees to allow his/her likeness to be used by M&M, with no compensation at any time for any reason, to the participant.  Any participant that desires not to have their likeness used must notify M&M in writing before the departure of their specific tour.



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