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A deposit and completed Booking Form will reserve a place for you/guest on an M&M Photo Tours, Inc. tour.  Deposits and payments must be made by personal check, cashier's check, and debit/credit card in US dollars only.  Any debit/credit card payments will incur processing fees which are not controlled by M&M and vary based on the card used.  A deposit of 25% of the total tour cost is due at time of booking an M&M photo tour.  M&M only accepts US dollar as payment and all prices posted are in US dollars.



Full payment of the tour fee is due no later than 90 days prior to the tour’s published departure date per the M&M web site.  M&M only accepts US dollars as payment.  If final payment is not received when due M&M reserves the right to cancel guest reservation pursuant to our cancellation and refunds policy stated below.


M&M tours are open to persons at least eighteen (18) years of age.  Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for the entire tour.


Guest booking shall serve as a release of liability and a complete assumption of all risks by guest and guest heirs, administrator, executor, successors, and assigns for all family members.  By booking a tour, guest hereby accepts M&M’s terms and conditions of service and guest fully acknowledges that he/she is aware that travel, wherever it may be, and by whatever means, involves risk of injury, illness, death, loss, or damage to personal property, which may be caused by acts of people, nature, negligence, or actions of other factors.



No partial refunds are made for any unused tour or services of a tour for any reason.  This applies to tour extensions and any independent travel arrangements guest may have made on their own. Said fees are not transferable.


For all tours:

A deposit of 25% of the total tour cost is due at time of booking a tour. Full payment of the tour fee is due no later than 90 days prior to the published departure date.  We must receive notice of cancellation in writing.  An E-mail is acceptable. 

The following cancellation fees apply:

120 days or more before departure: $0 per person

119 to 91 days before departure: 50% of tour fee

90 or fewer days before departure: 100% of tour fee


If a guest needs to cancel within a stated refund period, M&M Photo Tours, Inc. may allow said guest to apply all monies paid to a future tour as long as the future tour takes place within 12 months of the cancellation.  We must receive written notification (E-mail is accepted) of your cancellation and your desire to apply the funds to a future tour.  We strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance as this policy is strongly adhered to.  The purchase of comprehensive travel insurance including tour cancellation is required for all tours M&M runs in Africa.


M&M Photo Tours, Inc. reserves the right to cancel any tour at any time.  In the event of such cancellation, guests with reservations will be notified as soon as possible and a full refund of all payments received will be given except any merchant fees incurred for the use of a credit and/or debit card.  It is agreed by booking any M&M Photo Tours, Inc. tour that M&M Photo Tours, Inc. assumes no responsibility for refund or additional expenses incurred by guest in preparation for any M&M tour this includes any merchant fees incurred for use of a credit and/or debit card.



Tours can be challenging and are clearly marked on the M&M web site with a level of activity ranging from Easy to Strenuous.  Guest hereby expressly agrees and promises to accept and assume all of the risk existing in the chosen tour. Guest participation in the tour is purely voluntary, and guest elects to participate in spite of the possible risks. 


If guest has concerns about his/her health as it relates to any M&M tour he/she should consult his/her primary care physician and receive medical advice before signing up for any M&M Photo Tours, Inc.


By completing our required booking paperwork and in consideration of paying a tour deposit, guest acknowledges that he/she does not knowingly have any physical or other conditions that would create any level of risk for him/her or other guests.  M&M reserves the right to have guest provide a letter of medical clearance from their primary care physician.


M&M strongly encourages guests to seek competent medical advice if he/she has any concerns about his/her physical fitness.  Once a tour has been confirmed as a GO by M&M, medical circumstance will not be considered an exception to our cancellation policy.


Guest hereby accepts and acknowledges that during all travel with M&M medical services or facilities may not be readily available or accessible and may not be consistent with standards of their home country.


M&M Photo Tours, Inc. assumes no liability for any medical problem guest encounter during the tour.  Guest is responsible for ensuring that he/she is covered by appropriate insurance while traveling with M&M.  We assume no responsibility for medical care.  Tours will NOT be delayed or changed on account of a guest’s inability to travel and/or keep up with the tour group.



We strongly recommend that all tour guests purchase travel insurance.  Guests are responsible for confirming that their insurance policies will cover them while traveling abroad.  WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT ALL GUESTS PURCHASE APPROPRIATE TRAVEL INSURANCE IF THEY HAVE CONCERNS.  ALL OF OUR AFRICAN TOURS REQUIRE THAT GUESTS PURCHASE A COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE POLICY TO COVER THEM WHILE TRAVELING WITH M&M IN AFRICA.



Guests will receive E-mails containing tour information before we depart.  This may include but is not limited to – itineraries, recommended photography gear, clothes packing list, location information, weather information, tipping information, optional activity information, and more.  If a guest has questions, we welcome their calls and/or e-mails to alleviate any questions or concerns they may have before departure.


The itineraries of all M&M tours as outlined on the M&M web site are subject to modification and change at the sole discretion of M&M.  Every reasonable effort is made to operate tours as planned, but alterations may still occur after final information has been sent.



Guests are responsible for obtaining any and all documents for travel with M&M including, but not limited to, a valid passport, all visas, all vaccination certificates (if any), and any others that may be required for his/her chosen tour.  Failure to obtain the proper documents for the chosen tour does not negate the terms and conditions contained herein, and any costs incurred for rerouting due to travel without the proper documentation/documents shall be the sole responsibility of the guest.  Guests agree to provide M&M a color copy of their passport info page so M&M may confirm info and book international airfare.


Most international M&M tours are all-inclusive – meaning there are no hidden costs.  Round trip economy air, all lodging, all meals, all ground transport, all guides, all park fees, and more are normally included in the cost of the tour.  Rooming lists are made on a double/twin shared basis.  Single supplements apply to single room requests.  Please understand that single rooms are limited and will booked on a first-come-first-served basis.  Please refer to the specific tour details as spelled out on the selected tour information page on the M&M website to confirm all tour inclusions and exclusions.


Unexpected cost increases may occur from time-to-time and are out of the control of M&M.  M&M Photo Tours, Inc. may charge a supplement in the event of significant increases beyond our control.


M&M reserves the right to substitute hotels when changes or delays require such.  M&M may cancel any tour prior to departure and is not responsible for any guest pre-tour expenses.  M&M may replace or substitute tour leaders, including guest pros, as circumstances require.


M&M guests agree to be bound by all rules and regulations any M&M vendor/agent or other provider for M&M may impose or enforce.  The guest’s tour payment and/or deposit for any tour are deemed as consent to be bound by such rules and regulations.



We strive in to offer mid-to-high end accommodations when they’re available.  This is your vacation, and we like to have a “wow” factor with some of our hotels, usually in the beginning and end of a tour.  Since our groups are small, we can often stay at boutique hotels.  Some locations don’t have the quality of facilities we would prefer but make up for it with great photographic opportunities.  We’re always upfront about what to expect and give details or links to the accommodations.  We research hotels through recommendations, tour advisories and/or by scouting an area before a tour.


Guests often tell us that our tours are also gastronomic tours.  We work hard to make sure our guests are well fed and enjoy every opportunity to enjoy local cuisine.  On our African safaris we often enjoy picnic lunches in the field.  Guests are responsible for any meals and drinks outside of our stated meals.  Please advise us as early as possible if there are specific dietary needs.  We are able to accommodate most reasonable requests based on the location of travel for the tour.

We strongly encourage our guests to remain flexible and understand that there are things beyond our control such as weather, strikes, traffic congestion, and other things we simply cannot control.  Relax and enjoy the experiences.


For many tours M&M will use the services of a guest pro.  We select these guest pros for their teaching expertise, photographic knowledge, body of work, and more.  At times, depending on final group headcount M&M or the guest pro may opt out and/or M&M may assign a second M&M staff member to accompany any M&M tour.



M&M Photo Tours, Inc. and/or its vendors act only as agents for the guests traveling with us including, but not limited to, photography adventures, travel, lodging, meals, and all other tour related services regardless of mode of transportation and M&M and its agents assume no liability for injury, damage, loss, accident, or delay.


Guest hereby acknowledges that travel to foreign countries entails unanticipated risks which could result in physical or emotional injury, paralysis, death, damage to guest or property, or to third parties.  Guest understands that such risks cannot be totally eliminated without jeopardizing the essential qualities of the tour. The risks include, among other things: hazards of walking on uneven terrain at day or night, slips and falls, traffic accidents, street mugging's, hijacking and other acts of terrorism, willful or criminal conduct of third parties, pandemics and infectious diseases, and a guest’s own physical condition.


M&M Photo Tours, Inc. will NOT tolerate any cultural dis-respectfulness, drunkenness, illegal activity, or any violent treatment of other tour guests, locals, or M&M Photo Tour, Inc., staff or guides.  We reserve the right to send individuals home at their expense if they fail to govern themselves accordingly.


M&M Photo Tours, Inc. accepts no responsibility for losses or additional expenses due to delay or changes in air or other services, illness, weather, strike, war, act of terrorism, quarantine, or any other possible causes.  All such losses and expenses are the responsibility of the guest.


Our standard guest contract and waivers must be signed by each guest prior to the departure of the tour.  Failure to provide the required information will lead to not being able to join a tour.  M&M accepts NO modifications/redlining to/of our standard guest contract.  This is NOT negotiable.



Should M&M Photo Tours, Inc. or anyone acting on their behalf be required to incur legal fees and/or costs to enforce our standard contract, the tour guest agrees to indemnify and hold M&M harmless for all such fees and costs.  In the event that you file a lawsuit against M&M Photo Tours, Inc. you hereby agree to do so solely in the state of Utah, County of Salt Lake, and you further agree that the substantive law of Utah shall apply in that action without regard to the conflict of law rules of that state. You agree that if any portion of this agreement is found to be void or unenforceable, the remaining document shall remain in full force and effect.


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