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Striving to provide you the best photo tour possible, we have invited world-class pros to accompany us on select photo tours.  Offering an exciting opportunity to learn from some of the best.
Michael Yamashita - NatGeo Photographer

Michael Yamashita has combined his dual passions of photography and travel for over 25 years as a photographer for National Geographic. A frequent lecturer and teacher at workshops around the world, Yamashita has received numerous industry awards, including those from the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) Pictures of the Year, the New York Art Directors Club, and the Asian-American Journalists Association.Major exhibitions of his work have opened throughout Asia, in Tokyo, Beijing, Seoul, Hong Kong, and Singapore, as well as in Rome, Frankfurt, and Los Angeles.




Ugo Cei italy photographer.JPG
Ugo Cei

"If you were to ask me what do I do, I would say that I am an educator who helps photography enthusiasts sharpen their skills, so that they can take amazing pictures."

Ugo love to travel myself and show the beauty of the world and its inhabitants to everybody. "This is really an amazing planet we live on and every place and every culture possesses beauty that deserves to be shown."

Ugo co-hosts and publishes a weekly podcast about travel photography, The Traveling Image Makers. Every week, they pick the brains of famous and not-so-famous travel photographers to learn what it means to travel for the love of photography and photograph for the love of travel.




Jeff Cable

Jeff Cable started his professional photography career in the San Francisco Bay Area, photographing Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. Since then, he has earned respect around the globe and is best known for capturing photos for the US Olympic Committee. He has photographed the last 7 Olympic games, including the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, the 2016 Summer Games in Rio, the 2018 Winter Games in Korea, and the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo.  Cable teaches photography to other professionals around the world, including Africa, Australia, China, Europe, South America, and across the United States. He is one of the most requested presenters at B&H Photo in New York City, the world’s largest photo retailer, and has millions of views on his free online photography classes.

Jeff is best known for his artistic passion, his easy-going attitude and his ability to capture the emotion of any moment. He embraced digital cameras before they were widely accepted by the industry and has continued to leverage the latest in technology to provide the best images with the best equipment.



Matt Brandon

A Malaysia-based assignment photographer, Matt has experience photographing for nonprofits, assignment, and editiorial work. Recently Matt was the still photographer for Indian Summers a Channel 4 & PBS series filmed in Penang, Malaysia. Matt works well with writers and producers. Matt often collaborates with NGOs to tell their stories and to train their field staff to do the same.

Asian Geographic, KLM Airlines, Channel 4 PBS, Partner Aid International, NeighborWorks, Honda Motor Corporation, Bombadier Transport Corporation and others have all used Matt's images. Having Photographed in Egypt, Tibet, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Maldives, Philippines, Malaysia to name a few, it is clear Matt doesn't have an issue with travel.



Neil Alexander
Travel and Landscape Photographer

"I am a simple man who loves making photographs and spending time with my wife and young kids. 
I am a Scot living in England. They call me a sassanach. I call myself a Manc.
I am fortunate to be able to spend a good amount of time on personal projects, traveling and collaborating with a team of great people. 
I make my bed in Altrincham, Cheshire in the UK and am a sucker for assignments where I have the opportunity to travel, but I just love making photographs anywhere."



Shiv Verma 

Shiv Verma, APSA, MNEC is a published author, photographer, educator and technologist. He has been photographing for over 50 years and has evolved his photography to express his intense devotion to wildlife and nature. Over the years has earned numerous awards and recognition both nationally and internationally.Shiv devotes a great deal of his time formally reviewing photography related products, to education in digital photography and is a speaker and competition judge. He conducts photo tours and workshops worldwide and typically has one tour a month.

Shiv’s book Time-Lapse Imagery was published in February 2014. He has been writing for one of the worlds largest photography education sites “Digital Photography School” with about 1.5 million subscribers. He is also a co-host on TWiP (This Week in Photography) a weekly photography podcast that is the 7th largest in the world.

In addition to nature and commercial photography he has been invited to photograph prestigious charity events; Kelly for Ellie, a charity fashion event by TV’s Channel 5 for the Ellie Fund in support of Breast Cancer; The Rose Foundation – in support of Battered Women to name a few. 

He belongs to multiple photographic clubs and associations and serves as Vice President of the Digital Circuit NECCC (New England Camera Club Council) and General Chairman of the PSA International (Photographic Society of America). Shiv is a past President of the Stony Brook Camera Club; and the Gateway Camera Club, a member of the Greater Lynn Photographic Association, Massachusetts Camera Naturalists, all in Massachusetts.

Shiv was elected as an Associate of the Photographic Society of America in 2013 and was elected a Master Member of the New England Camera Club Council in 2008.




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